Eradicating Termite Infestations

Termites are insects which feed primarily on wood and are commonly responsible for damaging wooden structures ranging from cabinets, floors, ceilings, furniture to entire homes.

It is due to this reason that termites are one of the most common pest infestations which local pest control services aim to eradicate.

Termites are capable of traversing through plaster, metal structures and other non-wooden structures and are very difficult to identify before they have already caused significant damage to property.

Homeowners are therefore advised to contact professional local pest control services for termite eradication. Local pest control services employ a variety of methods to control and eradicate termite infestations.

One of the most common techniques employed by local pest control services are termite control baits.Once termites have been discovered within a structure, a professional exterminator will insert a termite control bait containing a slowly acting insecticide on termite traffic routes.

The termites consider the bait to be a viable source of food and this slowly results in their death. This technique is most effective in the eradication of subterranean termite infestations.

Local pest control services personnel sometimes treat all the support beams of a house with chemicals which prevents the termites from entering them.

Recent developments have led to the use of microwave technology in eradicating some species of termites. Microwave treatment is a site specific method which results in the death of all the termites within the infested structures and walls.

Very few local pest control services however, use this technique. A cheap yet effective method for termite eradication is injecting or spraying termite repellents on the affected area.

This results in the area appearing unappealing to termites due to some chemical signals sent out by the chemical repellent. Wood treatment is also an effective means of offering protection against termite infestations which is employed by some local pest control services.

It’s very similar to the previous method mentioned, the only difference being that the treatment can be directly applied to or injected into the wooden structures and furniture. Sometimes multiple termite colonies are found within a single structure.

In situations like these fumigation is the best line of action. Fumigation involves the entire structure being enveloped by a customized tent followed by pumping it full of gas.

This gas is toxic for a wide range of insects including termites and it diffuses throughout the structure reaching all the cracks and crevices, rendering it termite free.

The methods mentioned above cover some of the effective techniques and methods employed by local pest control services to ensure that your household is termite free. Learn more about termites on my homepage.

Eradicating Termite Infestations

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